Individual counselling

Individual counselling process

My individual therapy sessions take place in quiet, comfortable rooms on an estate in Chartwell, Johannesburg or in my practices in Cape Town and Durban. Before your first session you’ll be asked to provide me with a short written history and description of the issues that have brought you to therapy.

This reflects my solution-oriented approach to therapy, and avoids spending your resources on relating your life history over multiple sessions. Your sessions will quickly move towards raising your consciousness and removing blockages to positive transformation.

We’ll work together to find approaches to your issues that resonate with you. This process will usually last five to ten sessions, and you’ll be welcome to schedule further ‘tune up’ sessions thereafter to assist you in maintaining a sense of positive energy and purpose in your life.

My approach

I view human problems from a holistic mind-body-spirit perspective. From this perspective your physical and mental health are seen as intimately linked to the state of your consciousness and the greater context of the journey and purpose of your soul.

This means that I do not invest too much time in trying to remove symptoms, but instead focus on identifying and resolving the causes of psychological distress. You’ll also experience positive growth, connecting with the essence of who you truly are and understanding your karmic lessons as you realign with your life purpose.

Depending on your individual requirements, I will use a variety of approaches to achieve this, ranging from hypnotherapy and guided visualisations, to consciousness raising exercises using Rohun Transpersonal Psychology.

Individual counselling in Fourways