RoHun workshops of light

Living in the earthly plane is becoming more and more difficult. Energy is dense and it is difficult to maintain the light within the self. You might feel stuck. You might feel that nothing is flowing with ease in your life. Maybe your health is a problem. You might experience days of feeling lonely and lost. You might feel that nobody really loves, understands or supports you. Depression, low self-esteem, frustration, impatience, anger, guilt, shame and many other emotions might be ruling your life.

RoHun is a systematic and rapid-acting therapy for personal growth and change. It focuses on the raising of your vibration, enabling you to hold more light in your energy system. As like attracts like, more light in your energy system, will attract more light into your life. More light in your energy system, will enable you to cope better with the challenges in your life. RoHun is based on the psychodynamic inter-relationship between the individual and his or her energy field. It draws its theoretical base from quantum physics and the recent discoveries of the electromagnetic fields surrounding the body of a person.

In the RoHun workshops of Light, participants are assisted to reconnect with the light within themselves and the light in the universe. Participants are assisted to identify negative thought patterns and traumas stored in their energy field and are then assisted to relieve these patterns of blocked energies, replacing them with positive, more effective ways of living. Participants learn to reconnect with their inner resources, their spiritual selves, their abilities and their creativity, bringing more and more light into their energy systems. Working in a group setting strengthens the energy vibration, enabling participants to release and to reconnect to Spirit in a very powerful way. Sessions are non-invasive, empowering and freeing.

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