Transformation workshops

The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.

Vernon Howard

I offer a range of intensively researched workshops designed to facilitate spiritual growth, wellness and prosperity. These cover a variety of themes ranging from raising consciousness and understanding your purpose in life to practical issues like financial matters and weight control.

These workshops are all derived from my holistic mind-body-spirit approach to wellness, which is based on raising consciousness and resonance levels to create a happier, more authentic and abundant life experience.

All bookings for places in the workshop are required in advance, and I am unable to accept walk-in participants on the day of the workshop.

What to expect

Workshops are conducted with small groups of up to 15 participants. Depending on the workshop it may run over a half or full day.

The workshop will begin with an icebreaking exercise, followed by an introduction to the workshop topic and practical exercises relevant to this topic. There will be a break mid-way through the workshop, and the session will conclude with a consciousness-raising process.

While the collective energy of the group will support your process, you will not be required to expose yourself in the broader group.

My approach

My workshops focus on raising your consciousness and resonance to assist you in achieving your goals applicable to the topic of the workshop.

This involves experiential exercises as well as learning practical skills to raise consciousness and shift blockages relevant to the life area under consideration.

Transformation workshops in Johannesburg