Couples counselling

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.

Bryant H. McGill

All intimate relationships come under pressure from external and internal influences. Common relationship pressures include infidelity, sexual issues and the impact of children or relations with the extended family. However, financial problems, the impact of either partner’s career, health problems and addiction can also put pressure on a relationship.

Typically these issues will be amplified by communication problems within the relationship, which can quickly bring a relationship to crisis point. This can leave one or both partners feeling disengaged from the relationship, or as if they have outgrown their partner.

My couples counselling process creates a supportive environment in which I will assist you in improving communication within your relationships, reconnecting with the positive energies that initially brought you together and then working together to negotiate a future for you relationship.

If you would like to know about my approach to couples counselling send me a message or call me on 082 400 2329.

Couples counselling process

Your counselling sessions will begin with exploring the issues in your relationship from each of your perspectives. This will include one-on-one sessions with each partner.

As we progress you’ll learn techniques to improve communication with your partner. You’ll then work with your partner to negotiate a future for your relationship, and to then co-create a roadmap towards this future.

The couples counselling process usually takes between five and ten sessions to complete. Once the process is complete you will have the option to book ‘refresh’ sessions as required to support the changes in your relationship.

My approach

I take a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to couples counselling. From this perspective relationships are seen as contracts between individual souls, each on a journey towards spiritual completion, who enter into these contracts to learn valuable lessons from one another while on this path.

Our sessions will work towards raising your consciousness to assist you in reaching a positive but realistic perspective on the nature and purpose of your contract with each other. This process will include the use of calming guided visualisations as well as simple exercises designed to generate positive energy within your relationship.

We’ll discuss the difficulties and challenges you face and find solutions for these. We’ll also identify and heal the childhood wounds that are triggered by your partner. You’ll be guided through a process of learning lessons from past relationships and applying those lessons to your present relationship.

Couples counselling in Fourways