Dealing with loss

Loss is an integral part of our earthly journey. Losing someone or something important to you, often leads to feelings of emptiness, being overwhelmed and being powerless.

You feel as if you have lost a part of yourself and struggle to continue.

In this workshop you are assisted to understand the ‘bigger picture’ of loss, the emotions connected to loss and the physical manifestations of loss.

You are guided to understand and navigate yourself through the grieving process. The process assists you to realign and to re-centre yourself, enabling you to reconnect with your power within and to find meaning and joy again.

Examples of loss:

  • Relationship loss, for example the loss of a loved one or a beloved through death, divorce or separation, miscarriage, abortion, end
    of a friendship, not being loved back, loving someone who is self-destructive.
  • Physical loss, for example loss of health, loss of your body function (hearing, vision or other losses), loss of sexual function, loss of
    home or property, loss of job or financial stability, infertility, loss of treasured objects, loss of a beloved pet.
  • Psychological loss, for example loss of body image (for example through aging), loss of control, loss of independence, loss of dreams
    and hopes for the future, loss through trauma (for example loss of self-esteem, power, control), loss of your belief system.

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