Gateway to ascension

Steps on the pathway of ascension

The world is experiencing many dramatic changes at the moment. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, cyclones, weather changes, mass animal deaths, etc. are at the order of the day. Every person in every country is affected, either directly or indirectly. How are you coping? Are you ready to withstand what the future might bring?

In the Ascension workshops, you are guided forward through the Gateway of Ascension. You learn how to exist in the living state of Ascension whilst in physical form on earth. You learn how to hold the resonance state of the self through this period of shift and change of the earth, withholding and withstanding these earth changes. As your DNA activates you will feel the shifting of your consciousness while moving forward towards this state of Ascension.

In these workshops, the Gateway to Ascension is opened, not only for those who have been on their spiritual journey, but also for those who have not had much experience within this realm. On this Pathway of Ascension, you move beyond the knowledge that is held at this time. The procedures brought forward in these workshops facilitate acceleration toward the living state of Ascension on earth. These workshops are co-presented with Jacqui Gilbert.

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