Relationship workshops

Fairy tales are characterized by maidens in distress being rescued by princes on white horses. And… they all live happily ever after. So, why, why is our reality so different to this?

Relationships are characterized by pain, anger, loneliness, rejection, sadness and fear. Some maidens wait in vain for their prince to show up. Some princes search for years, but are not able to locate their maiden. Some maidens and princes, out of desperation, settle for the vicious dragon, giving up hope of ever finding their prince or princess. There are not many ‘happily ever afters’ around us.

Why are fairy tales so far removed from the reality that we are living? Do fulfilling relationships exist and if they do, why are they so elusive?

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be in fulfilling relationships, with joy, support and love. You deserve to give and receive love freely. These relationship workshops assist you in breaking through the illusions about relationships that you might have. They assist you in identifying (and breaking) the destructive relationship patterns that you are caught up in. They help you to reconnect with your authentic self, making it possible for you to either attract people with higher vibrations, or to lift the vibration of your current relationships.

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