Release of anger

There is much wrongdoing in our world. People lie, hurt and betray you. Your trust gets broken. You are not respected. You see people who you care about getting hurt. You have to retaliate. You have to undo the wrongdoing. You have to survive. So you fight back with anger. Anger is your only protection against the people who have hurt you.

Anger is a normal human emotion, but can cause a lot of harm when it gets out of control and becomes destructive. It impacts on all aspects of the human being. Uncontrolled anger may lead to abusive interactions, road rage, the deterioration of personal relationships and even physical harm to self and others. Suppressed anger may lead to passive-aggressive behaviour, irritation or critical behaviour. It can also cause physical illness.

In this workshop, you explore the reasons and underlying causes of your anger.  You explore why it is so difficult to let go of your anger. You learn ways to express and handle your anger constructively. You learn how to deal with your anger and how to not be controlled by it. By holding on to your anger, you stop the free flow of energy in your body and in your life. You hurt yourself more than any other person could.

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