Are you afraid of intimacy? Do you often attract unavailable people into your life? Are you afraid that you might be rejected if someone sees the ‘real’ you? Or that what you share might be used against you? Do you often sabotage your relationships? Do you stagnate in your comfort zone and stop yourself from experiencing life fully in relation to others? Do you sometimes lose yourself in relationships?

According to Osho: “Everybody is afraid of intimacy – it is another thing whether you are aware of it or not. Intimacy means exposing yourself before a stranger – and we are all strangers; nobody knows anybody. We are even strangers to ourselves because we don’t know who we are. Intimacy brings you close to a stranger. You have to drop all your defences; only then is intimacy possible. And the fear is that if you drop all your defences, all your masks, who knows what the stranger will do with you? Everybody longs for intimacy. Without intimacy you are alone in the universe – without a friend, without a lover, without anybody you can trust, without anybody to whom you can open all your wounds. And the wounds cannot heal unless they are open.”

In this workshop you have the opportunity to identify the wounds, fears and other blockages stopping you from experiencing intimacy in your relationships. You are guided to heal these wounds and to let go of your fears and blockages. This allows you to have fulfilling and intimate relationships with yourself and also with others.

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