Release of guilt

Guilt is a sense that you have done something wrong and that you need to be punished. It is projected on you by others, or can be self-induced.

From the beginning of human history, guilt has been passed on from generation to generation. It is used to manipulate and control. It is used for behaviour modification, punishment and revenge. Parents, spouses, friends, religious organizations, teachers and even governments use guilt to control people.

Guilt is a mental thought or decision that infects your feelings and leads to pain, suffering, despair and depression. Without guilt, emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and grief can be felt and eventually released. Guilt interferes with this natural flow of emotions and causes them to become stuck, causing pain, agony and despair. It degrades self-esteem and leads to self-hatred.

Suppressed guilt festers and creates physical, emotional and psychological imbalances in the human body. In this workshop, you are aided to confront and to release your guilt. Releasing your guilt will facilitate the natural flow of emotions, leading to a more balanced and centered you. You also learn how to cut energy cords, thereby setting yourself and others free.

Releasing guilt workshop

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